Special Days

During the school year, there are several special days which need a little extra prep from families to succeed. In order to help you prepare we created this list which highlights a few of the many the special days your child will get to take part in this year. Mrs. Wilson is always exploring new paths with the children so unexpected and delightful special days sometimes pop up.


Color Days

Once a month, a day is devoted to the exploration of a color. During that day, the children wear that color to school. They make a collage of flat glue-able items from home, like magazine pictures, ribbon, torn paper, etc. This is a great opportunity for discussion at home and fine motor practice for your child.

Beach Day

Beach day is a favorite of the kids. This special day happens in the middle of winter. This kids wear their bathing suits under their clothes and the classroom is turned in to a mini beach. Don’t worry, Mrs. Wilson cranks up the heat in the classroom to help beat the winter blues with this fun day of games and a picnic.

Pajama Day

Who doesn’t love to spend the day in their favorite pjs? On pajama day we make a special sleepy time craft, and camp out in the gross motor room.

Book Character Day

In celebration of National Reading Month in March we have a book character day. Students dress as character in a story which they love to read and bring a copy of the book to class. Costumes can be simple or elaborate.

Bike Day

When the weather is warm, we like to get the kids outside for bike day. Students bring their bikes or trikes and helmets to school for some fun in the parking lot. The kids love bike day and the change in routine.

Dr. Seuss Days

To celebrate the beloved children’s author’s birthday, we may do a Wacky Wednesday or backwards day. We dress silly and learn many good lessons reading and exploring the books of Dr. Seuss.

All kids love a good party! We celebrate several holidays throughout the year with small parties in the classroom – we dress up, play games, sing songs and have holiday themed snacks.