Our Teacher

Mrs. Kathryn Wilson

Mrs. Kathryn Wilson has been teaching at the Northwest ​Co-op​ ​Preschool for more ​than 25 years. She brings a rich experience in child development, creative-play learning and a great imagination. She regularly attends conferences and training to bring fresh techniques and perspective to the classroom.
Mrs. Wilson and students by red barn wall

Background and Education

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Kathryn obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development with preschool emphasis at Central Michigan University and her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education at Michigan State University. While in college, she met and married her husband. After a move to Virginia, Kathryn taught Kindergarten for three years before beginning her family of four boys.

She has taught both preschool and kindergarten in her 25+ years of teaching. She is certified by the State of Michigan, and is CPR/first aid certified. She also participates in yearly continuing education seminars.

Mrs. Wilson reading to students

Co-op Preschool

Upon returning to Michigan, she looked to enroll her boys in a co-op preschool, appreciating the importance of parental involvement and play-based curriculum in a child’s learning. The Northwest Co-op Preschool provided that opportunity. Each of her boys attended the preschool, and when her youngest entered first grade, she took over as lead teacher here at the co-op.