Frequently Asked Questions

Children learn by doing what they do best…playing! It is a misconception that a play-based curriculum doesn’t offer any academic instruction. This is simply not true. While our main goal is social and emotional growth, each task that a child participates in provides many layers of learning. Many child development experts believe that focusing primarily on academics sacrifices important social skills.

Each day includes free play to encourage teamwork and socialization; circle time for academic skills including language, math and science; art time to develop small motor skills and creativity. They also have snack time and a variety of physical activities.

  • Social Skills: Making a successful break from home and learning to be with other children in a group setting.
  • Personal Growth: Developing a sense of security and a feeling of success; exploring an interest and joy in learning; finding self-confidence and self-expression.
  • Academic Skills: Improving language skills; expressing creativity; learning to listen and follow directions; participating in a variety of stimulating experiences; cultivating responsibilities and independence.

Students must have a physical and be up to date on vaccines (those who have opted not to vaccinate their child or use an alternative vaccination schedule must sign a waiver). Children must also be toilet trained by the first day of school.

No. We are a secular school that rents space from St. John’s Church.

Each class provides a different level of learning. Our two-day class focuses primarily on early social development and independence. Our three-day class builds on previously introduces materials, social development and mastery of early learning concepts.

Yes! We have a great partnership with Blandford Nature Center (BNC). The 2-day class goes on two seasonal field trips a year. Parents are required to attend. The 3-day class goes on at least one field trip per month to BNC. Only parents scheduled to work in the class that day attend. Pre-schedule field trips are included in the tuition.

The two-day class may have up to 14. The three-day class may have up to 16.

No. Transportation to and from school and field trips is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Parents provide healthy snacks on a rotating schedule which coincides with your working shifts. Each child is responsible for their own water that must be in a spill-proof container.