Learning Outside the Classroom

Our partnership with Blandford Nature Center brings the students outside on a regular basis to connect their experiential learning to the wonders of the great outdoors!  The monthly field trips allow the students to learn all about nature in every season.

Research supports this approach to early childhood education; extensive educational research demonstrates that nature supports children’s intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development.  Being outdoors supports creativity and problem-solving, enhances cognitive abilities, increases physical activity, and improves social relationships and self-discipline.

Preschoolers are always busy exploring their world and in addition to our monthly Blandford visits, field trips to area locations such as Peppino’s Restaurant, or CP Pizza to make pizza, the RAPID bus depot to learn about public transportation, Radiant Sportz for exercise, and Grand Rapids Public Museum to explore history, are an exciting extension to the curriculum.  The learning continues as the dramatic play area often transforms to reflect the most recent trip with the pizza parlor being a perennial favorite.