The Northwest Co-op Preschool first opened its doors in September 1962 under the name Northwest Co-op Nursery.  While enjoying a cup of coffee and watching their children play, Mrs. James K Miller, Mrs. E. W. Swanson, and Mrs. C.L. Koopmans discussed the need for a preschool for them to attend.  Since there was not one in the area, they decided to start one.  The original structure of the school is very similar to its current form.  Parents held committee positions and volunteers in the classroom on a rotation basis.  St. John’s United Church of Christ on Lake Michigan Drive has always been home for the preschool. The preschool has also always been non-profit, secular, and licensed through the state.  The preschool has had five different teachers,and our current teacher, Kathryn Wilson, has been with the school for over 25 years.